Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 Out.

The breakdown of 2014


The number of WODs I completed in 2014.  My last WOD of the year.


The number of weeks I've been to crossfit since I started in Oct. 2013.

The fourth WOD of the week

I'm not sure what I thought I'd feel when I hit that number, or even what number I expected to hit, but this is it... this is what I did in a year. I'm content with it.  365 days. I lifted, ran, pulled up, sweated and gained for 210 of them.  So that is what it is... My only goal in that regard, for next year, is to match it, or beat it, but have a balance between gym, work, and life, too.

It's been interesting, this full year of crossfit.
I've learned that I really do love having the barbell in my hands.
I felt the pause at the top of what will lead to me achieving a "Toes2Bar".
I hit the 100# bench press.
I've gained the weight I wanted to lose.
I've worked out through an injury, that still isn't healed 100%.
I've made some of the best new friends that I'm so fully blessed and happy to have.
I've cried.
I've been defeated by a jump rope.

I didn't quit.

One thing I did quit was a 20 yr habit that I needed to quit. I let go of the guilt of feeling like a health fraud, always trying to hide and hoping no one could tell, being cautious of who knew and guarding myself against who didn't. It's been liberating.

I'm thinking of the things I want to accomplish in the gym in 2015 and the list is hard to narrow down.  Then again, why should it be limited?  I've accomplished more things than I ever had on my list last year.  I've also left a few things on the list and those I'll carry over to this year. I know they are achievable, it's just going to take me a little longer to reach them.

Here's what I've got so far:
Toes 2 Bar
95# Power Clean
Double Unders - Full WOD
Unassisted Pull Up
20 in. box jump
Run. Run. Run.

I'm sure the list will grow and still will be grossly incomplete when I come back to revisit this next December, but as long as I keep achieving, keep reaching and keep setting goals, I'll be okay.

Diet needs adjusting, and it's being looked at and prepped. I want more tone, I want less fat. I want less weight on my frame and I want smaller sizes in my clothes. I want to get over the hump, and I want people to look at me and know I workout. There's a respect that comes with that appearance and as shallow as that sounds, I want it.

2015 is happening, regardless of how I feel about it, so I might as well have a few things on my plate that I can try to reach. And I don't have to depend on anyone other than myself to see them happen.