Thursday, April 21, 2016

Spring Cleaning (Of Sorts)

Man, I really suck at updating this thing regularly.

Here's the Skinny:

Since Feb. 18th (last update),
I've been moved out of my role and in to a new one at work.  The new one has greater reward, where I have an opportunity to feel like a true contributor to the success of the project, which is great.  However, with this, my opportunity for employment has been taken away as the new role is contract only, with a hard stop at then end of October.  I've also been told that my role and employment on this project has now become a month-to month status, where I am reviewed and the need for my presence is looked at as such.  So they could cut me at any time.  There's also been tension, frustration, condescending passive aggressive behaviors and emails, ... so much so that I'm at the point of looking for new opportunities, but not leaving this one until something else comes my direction.  Praying for something sooner than later, all for a bit of breathing room and peace of mind.  Security would be a bonus.  I don't remember the last time I had that, career wise.

It's been a good first 3 months of the year, as far as my body comp and changes go.   A lot of this is attributed to ETP, the coaching staff there, my understanding of the importance in logging all of my food every single day, and my crossfit community and coaches allowing me to do a little bit of customization and support.

None of this is a fast change.  However, this will be a permanent and lifelong change.  I am losing fat.  I am gaining muscle. I am eating to fuel my workouts.  It's WORKING!!! So far I've lost over 10 lbs of fat, added almost 10 lbs of muscle, and I'm hitting PRs like crazy. Prime example:  My Deadlift max is listed at 225#s. Not some small little number.  A week ago, I deadlifted that weight 5x in a row. It'll be interesting to see what my new number is. 250? 260? 270?  No matter what it is, I'm having fun.  Strong is fun.

I'm finally getting things in some kind of order. Nearly a year later, the craft room / guest room is coming together to be an actual working studio. I've got more work to do, but the vision is coming together.  My master closet, well, it's not functional for me. Things have their place, but it's not how I want it to be. Minus the fact that my size is all over the place, I'm not sure what fits my arms and shoulders anymore. It looks like I'll be trying on and tossing out quite a few things in the next month or so. Good and bad. Can I just live in workout clothes?  That would be the best.

This stuff is still heavy heavy... My grandad isn't doing well at all. To the point of any nutrition or drinking anything is questionable most days. My dad is there with him and my g'ma this week until his sister comes in this weekend. The 4 siblings are doing well at taking turns loving on them and being there best they can. They can't be alone right now. I'm heartbroken for what they're going through.  Keep them, and all of us, in your prayers, as things are certain to take a turn at any time.

*Update* My grandfather passed away this morning. We are heartbroken for our loss, and relieved that he's no longer suffering and in pain.

We are also trying to find the best way to share this with my other g'ma who is suffering from dementia, but needs to be told in some way about all of this.

My folks are already in the midst of a move, packing, transporting, taking things that can be taken.  Having been there this past week, I am absolutely astonished and sad at how much is still left to do. There's hardly been a dent in progress.  I'm going back up there in a couple weeks to help some more.  Hopefully this time, with my sister being there, we can get a ton of stuff done and speed up this process for them more. I know my dad would be glad to speed things up, and my mom will relish the help, although we might be speeding her pace up more than she's comfortable with. This is my family. My folks are getting older... what we can purge now will save us so much time purging stuff later.

My calendar is a DOOZY!  I literally have stuff going on left and right, all through June, and some in July, too.  This weekend I am cleaning, prepping, sorting, trashing, full speed ahead. It's really the only time I have left to do much of anything.  I am going to start a new macros this coming week and will eat less, but need to prep even more. Leaner, cleaner, less.  It's called PFFL (Performance Focused Fat Loss).  This will help propel my fat burn even more so than I have previously.  It will affect my workouts, possibly negatively, so I'm getting ready mentally for all this challenge will present.

There are a few small things here and there, dinners, lunches, meetings, birthdays, etc.  A month from now, I'll be on a trip for a bachelorette party in Orange Beach, AL. The following Thursday I'll leave for Salt Lake City for the weekend with family.  There's a baseball game the following weekend, possible bridal shower in Louisiana, and the last weekend I'm going back up to my parents' for my mom's birthday and see the Rangers play the Red Sox. Big Papi had better be playing!  My friend's wedding is the last weekend in July, so I'll be going to Louisiana that week.

If anyone needs me, I'll be trying to find the biggest rock to hide under.