Tuesday, November 26, 2013

From Couch to Crossfit

So I'm officially on week 5.  It's time for me to update you on the reality of my not-so-little experience.

First off, I have to tell you that I absolutely have made a great decision in joining the Box that I have.  Heck, I made a great decision in committing to a minimum of 6 months of Crossfit. I have had challenges and successes, bad workouts, modifications, and more personal hi-fives than I can count.


1.Quad strain (IT Band issue, most likely).

This has been a bit frustrating b/c it has meant scaling down, subbing workouts, and facing a reality that my left leg is weak.  I started out wanting to attack every workout, doing what I can do, but not get too far away from the WOD listed.  After 2 weeks, I realized that getting up and down off the floor, running, butt kicks, grapevines, all were being compromised.  I had to admit I was having a lot of pain, but I didn't let it stop me from getting to the Box on the days I was set to go.  With Austin & Becky coaching, helping me understand it, how to treat it, how to work around it, the excuses never did stand a chance, and honestly, they never even came up.

2. Stomach cramp
This was weird. The best I can choke it up to was one of two possibilities. 1. I had Taco Cabana for lunch. I wanted Tortilla soup, but it was not on the menu (SO lame!), so I hastily decided on a grilled chicken quesadilla.  Nevermind I'd been virtually dairy & bread free for 2 weeks.  You can see how that might be a contributor.  The other is a possible non-confirmed ovarian cyst, that I had trouble with like 3 years ago. This made me feel sick to my stomach, weaker than I've felt in a while.  It affected my effort, my mood, and my overall workout. The bar felt more like 30 lbs than 15, and we were doing box steps, and pushups, too. This was the first WOD where I contemplated walking out, throwing up, crying, or all 3. I came back the next morning determined to kill it, and I did.

3. Bruised Tailbone
One of the side effects of subbing out the WOD for my Quad is that I've been doing more core and upper body / arms.  Core = a lot of sit-ups (which is GREAT b/c let's be honest - my mid-section is a little "fluffy"). The ONLY downside to this is that my tailbone is NOT happy at all about this.  The irony here is that my backside is fairly ample, and I suppose I never thought that my tailbone would be so vulnerable to bruising. I brought a towel last night so I could have some cushion. by the time I got to the 4th round of 30 sit-ups, I fought the pain & held back the tears, b/c this hurts. Honestly, sitting on the couch, laying on my back, I find myself wincing like some old lady w/ arthritis or something. Holy heck.  So here's hoping the Aleve kicks in and the pain subsides a bit.

None of the above has kept me out of my commitment to going, to getting the job done, and getting stronger! Which leads to my successes thus far:

1. I did my first Rx! It was partner workout (does that count??) , zero modifications, and we came in last, but by gosh, it got done.! 5K Rows & Planks.  I was excited for that one!

2. I missed 1 Monday workout, but re-vamped my schedule for that week & made it up.  No excuses still in tact!

3. Balance.  This applies on several levels, but the 2 that stand out for me - My social life hasn't suffered b/c of my commitment. Crossfit is my priority, though.  But balance - Leg swings & Box steps, I can do this w/o nearly falling over, and getting thru the sets a little quicker, all of which go back to the core getting stronger, and gaining an ounce of confidence in what I'm doing.

4. I've successfully dropped 7 lbs. doing the 24 day challenge and working out.  I was hoping for more, BUT 7 is less than where I was, AND I know that with the changes I'm seeing, the inches will show a greater difference.  Measurement day is Thanksgiving morning.

5. Acquaintances have become friends. To Sarah for the initial invitation, I'm so glad you reached out, showed me it was possible, and to do this with you!  To Laura & Vanessa, Couldn't be more excited that we're on the same journey here, and building genuine friendships with both of you!

I could go on, but I will leave you with the highlights and progress of the goals I've written down previously.

 to lose 30+ lbs. 30 is the minimum.  - 7 lbs down, 31 to go
to be strong
to have definition in my arms - I'm seeing a little peek-a-boo of a couple lines of definition
finish a WOD in the time given - I DID THIS!!!
to not be dead last
     ... maybe dare I say "first"?
for my knees to not hurt - THEY DON'T!!!! 
to see a glimmer of a 6 pack
to do a box jump & not put a hole in my shin.
to not be afraid
to make working out a habit, not a "have to", but a "want to"
to be defined as fit
for people to see me as authentic, not just someone who spouts off facts, but someone who can back them up.
to be motivated by myself, and not have to depend on others (this is across the board, not just for crossfit or working out)
to run a 5K without being winded
To be a size 6
To achieve all of these to make a list of new goals


Monday, November 4, 2013

The Kool-Aid Ain't So Bad

So I survived my first week of  Crossfit training.  I have hi-fived myself after every single workout. (4 total so far)... I can definitely see I need strength improvement in every single area. I'm weak.

I'm starting my 4th Advocare 24 Day Challenge, and I don't feel like my head is as prepared as it was last time I did this back in June, but it's got me excited for the possibility of a better result.

Summer of 2012 I was 38 lbs down from my heftiest and highest weight ever.  I was excited.  Then I hit the "I've lost weight, I can do what I want".  My time was spent either at a job I hated, or on the road, or drinking, or all of the above.  I ended up gaining 20 lbs back, and nearly hit the 200 mark again. It was a close call, but I stayed below it by some small part of grace.

I did a challenge, no workout, and dropped 12 of the 20 lbs. I've been a bit down and depressed these past few months, and lost another 5 on that, but still haven't gotten back down to where I was.  So I am really encouraged and hopeful that by adding in the fitness element, being conscious of what is going in to my body, and doing the cleanse for 10 days, I will be successful and go BELOW where I was that summer.  I have every opportunity to hit the "I've lost 40 lbs" club.

Ultimately I want to be down a total of 38 lbs by April... which is over a 60+ lb loss total.  SIXTY.

My final and complete goal is 86 lbs.

But I wouldn't be upset with 100...

I'm realistic in my approach and my results. I don't expect miracles.  I just know that my body has so much more potential than I've given it credit for. I have no idea how far I can take it, so I'm not limiting myself in that.

The people along the way, the efforts and lessons learned, the injuries I am sure to face, all will be a part of this, and bit by bit, I will train my mind to overcome excuses...