Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 - The Gimp Returns & ETP in Place

Well, I suppose it's appropriate that I would end up with an injury more ridiculous than the other two, or maybe equal to the first, but ridiculous all the same.

The day I ran a 200m in the warm up and it actually felt really good! I even thought to myself "wow, my legs DO feel lighter! Now I just need to get my endurance back up and keep going".

Then we go in and do "high-knees", and I feel it.  The twinge of pain in my left calf, like a charlie horse that won't let go, yet I keep going thinking that it'll work itself out. It has to.

Next move is inchworms and high skip back down the length of the gym.


Man down.  My calf muscle actually popped. Holy Hell.
and that's being polite.

Needless to say I was out for the regular WOD, but came up with a sub that didn't involve the leg.

It's still a little "cramped" up, feels like it could pop again, and yes, I'm resting, icing, and being extremely mindful of it.

I just want to work out and get my calorie burn up, make my heart beat a little quicker, and build my endurance.  I'm strong AF, but without the speed, I'm going to be stuck with my performance.

I've joined up with Eat To Perform as a lifetime member.  It was the smartest choice as I tackle this fat that keeps holding on.  I'm going to be working up to my macros and learning about carb cycling, when to eat what, and get the best out of my body. I'm excited about the possibility with this program.  The best thing is that it's dependent on food, not supplements.

Don't get me wrong, I love Advocare and I fully believe that the products DO work. I need a supplement free solution that allows me to add lean mass AND burn fat at the same time, without starving myself.

This will allow me to eat mindfully, and focus on truly fueling my body correctly.  I will be correcting my skewed metabolism and teaching my body to burn fuel instead of storing it.

So here goes whatever will be...