Monday, November 4, 2013

The Kool-Aid Ain't So Bad

So I survived my first week of  Crossfit training.  I have hi-fived myself after every single workout. (4 total so far)... I can definitely see I need strength improvement in every single area. I'm weak.

I'm starting my 4th Advocare 24 Day Challenge, and I don't feel like my head is as prepared as it was last time I did this back in June, but it's got me excited for the possibility of a better result.

Summer of 2012 I was 38 lbs down from my heftiest and highest weight ever.  I was excited.  Then I hit the "I've lost weight, I can do what I want".  My time was spent either at a job I hated, or on the road, or drinking, or all of the above.  I ended up gaining 20 lbs back, and nearly hit the 200 mark again. It was a close call, but I stayed below it by some small part of grace.

I did a challenge, no workout, and dropped 12 of the 20 lbs. I've been a bit down and depressed these past few months, and lost another 5 on that, but still haven't gotten back down to where I was.  So I am really encouraged and hopeful that by adding in the fitness element, being conscious of what is going in to my body, and doing the cleanse for 10 days, I will be successful and go BELOW where I was that summer.  I have every opportunity to hit the "I've lost 40 lbs" club.

Ultimately I want to be down a total of 38 lbs by April... which is over a 60+ lb loss total.  SIXTY.

My final and complete goal is 86 lbs.

But I wouldn't be upset with 100...

I'm realistic in my approach and my results. I don't expect miracles.  I just know that my body has so much more potential than I've given it credit for. I have no idea how far I can take it, so I'm not limiting myself in that.

The people along the way, the efforts and lessons learned, the injuries I am sure to face, all will be a part of this, and bit by bit, I will train my mind to overcome excuses...

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Mama Meg said...

Good for you! You'll get to where you want to be, I just know it. Crossfit scares me, but whatever works for you!