Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Planks & Rx


I have no idea why... maybe it gives me a chance to breathe? maybe I can see the time adding up quicker?  I don't know. Maybe it's easier for me to keep pushing myself until my shoulders get tired of holding my weight up?  Maybe I just like feeling my core starting to shake.

Heck. Maybe it's all of that.

The fun part was that last night after the WOD (which I Rx'd! Go Me!), we did some core work. Planks, Sit-ups, Planks, Leg Lifts, Planks...  The other 3 were grumbling, needing the time to go by faster (we were doing 1 min planks, 25 abs, alt, etc..), and I had no prob. with them.  I could have done more.

I finished my sit ups before they got done, too. I had to laugh and tried to encourage them by saying "dude, why are you guys not done? I'm always last. I'm not supposed to finish before you"...

But I did. Sorry not sorry?

Definitely giving the guys a hard time.  We were playing games by the time we were done.

We were all stronger for it, too.

(did you see where I said I Rx'd the WOD??? That part was cool!)

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