Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sober Superbowl & a Size 10

We are down to the home stretch... just 7 more days to go on this strictly Paleo plan. I've had one little blip, but unintentional at best.

Saturday night I exercised the greatest amount of will power to date.  Went to dinner for a friend's birthday at one of my "treat" restaurants where the food is Latin and the black bean dip is laced with everything I have ever wanted to devour! It really is divine!  I didn't even feel tempted, but had I looked at it any longer, I might have been ;)  I did great, looking at the menu beforehand, decided on a salmon tropical salad w/ fresh fruits & a balsamic dressing. Perfecto!

Then I came home w/ a raging headache and slept for 12 hours.  Good grief!

Superbowl Sunday came around, and I, like the rest of the idiots, trotted to HEB so I could do my grocery shopping. For the number of cars in the parking lot, I was actually able to hop in and out in 45 minutes. Perk was 1. I didn't have to go to the bread aisle. 2. The produce section wasn't heavily populated and 3. The checker in my line was super speedy!

My Sunday shopping just feels right. I know it's crowded, I know I will have to be patient, I know I will have to pause and wait for the mom to get all the bananas and then make sure her 3 kids are not darting across the aisle.   I like coming home and putting away the groceries, setting things aside for what I'm going to cook that afternoon / evening.   This is a part of Paleo I was honestly dreading, but find remarkably easy.   It feels like I've been doing this for ages and ages.  So this is good.  I can definitely see myself keeping up with this part of Paleo.

I had a friend coming over while the big game was on, so we could do some crafty project (FUN!) and have dinner.  She just started her 24 day challenge w/ Advocare, so wanted to cook something paleo and challenge  friendly.  I decided I would do Meatloaf.  I chose the Italian Meatloaf from PaleOMG.  And OMG it was AWESOME!!!  It was my first meatloaf, and my first butternut squash. Both were super successful! The other side was roasted broccoli.  It was the tastiest and most colorful plate!

As we are now just a week out, there are things I cannot WAIT to dive back in to, moderately, of course. My Advocare supplements are number one. I know I get a lot of great and much needed nutrients from the food I've been eating on Paleo (YAY!), but I can feel small nuances that I haven't felt in a while, since being on product, creeping back in.  Knee pain is paramount. Recovery time is longer from my workouts, Sleep has been ok, but I feel myself yawning in fits every afternoon, when I should and would be having my afternoon Spark.

I have decided that I'm going to modify my Paleo to accommodate my Advocare, and still pay closer attention to going non-processed foods as much as possible, cooking a big meal I can eat through the week, while having a protein shake here and there, most likely the mornings, unless I have the egg bites handy ;)

I've learned a lot thus far, cooked more, stayed focused and had one little blip. I'm this close to the end and I will resist the urge to gorge on a cupcake, but man that does sound SO good!  I'm not really a big "sweets" person, as I usually go for savory, but knowing it's NOT on the list, well it just makes it all the more tempting!

Oh yeah, and that Size 10 thing... well I sure enough did.  THAT felt good! It was maybe 2008 and I was buying a size 18.  It wasn't for a long period, as I think I only had 1 or 2 pair, but that was humbling. So proud? You bet.  And if I can get down to a 6 and maintain.... a girl can dream. 35 more lbs to go.

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