Wednesday, November 12, 2014

1 Year down & Sesamoiditis

So I hit my 1 yr at CFOH.  There were congrats, Athlete of the Month recognition and a lot of really frustrating WODs, with the cherry on top being Sesamoiditis.

I'm in this ridiculously bulky and super inconvenient orthopaedic boot and I hate it.

hate it
hate it

Today I'm about ready to chunk the damn thing and I'm supposed to be in it a minimum of  1.5 - 2 more weeks.

I'm grateful to have a coach that is helping me work on my upper body while I am restricted on what movements I can do.  I'm looking forward to upping my strength and am trying to find goals to set during my modifications.  I know for sure I want to reach my 100# bench press. I am honestly having a lot of fun trying new movements and adaptable ones that will translate in to what I can do on my own at home, and learning how to motivate myself.

I don't have a broken foot, I just have a really pissed off tendon.  I'm nervous for the long term effects of it, and how it's going to be when I jump rope, run, do box jumps... all things I struggle with and deep down, really do want to do better with.

I guess one good thing about this is that I'll be able to throw a good and heavy punch on the days I want to hit something.

Maybe I'll try that today.

Because !*#@$(&$#!

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