Saturday, January 24, 2015

ALLLL the Running!!!

The last time I ran in a WOD was Oct. 29, 2014.

I haven't run any, other than a jog from my door to the grass so Bella could sniff all the grass.

Today it was 200m x3.

Being mindful of putting equal pressure on my foot, a steady pace, not too fast (really, that's never been a problem, HA!), and leading with the left foot.

The weighted / overhead lunges are still a no go... I tried, but ended up subbing them out with weighted squats.  Not the same, but still working my legs. *YAY*

I'm still nervous about trying out the burpees, but I guess they will happen when my foot is 100% ready.  I'm not going to do anything too fast. That being said, I'm getting SO strong with my pushups.  My Triceps are going to be huge! HAHA!

Not really, but they feel like the size of baseballs when they're on fire.

It took me a while to get to the point where I didn't feel like 200 was going to kill me.  And 400s, haha, what a joke.  I didn't love the 400s before injury, and I don't think I will love them when I'm back on my game, but honestly, I'm appreciating every step more and I know when I need to pull back.

If I've learned anything in all of this ridiculousness, it's to listen to what my aches and pains are telling me and when it doesn't get better, pushing it just to be in the game won't do me any favors.

I'm SO lucky to have the coaches and the members around me that I do.  I know for a fact that if I'd had this happen on my own, I would have quit. I would have been so discouraged and I would have fallen back in to 2009 all over again.

So bring it on.

ALL the Running!!!

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