Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Running "Jackie"

Honestly, I wasn't sure what I was going to do when I walked in to the box yesterday.  I'd seen the WOD posted, and saw the 800m run to kick it off...

This was after doing a 5x5 backsquat pre-WOD. (I'm still trying to work my way back up on that one...

That being said, legs were already going to be worked before I hit the concrete.

Row or Run.

That was my question.

What was going to leave me with enough gas in the tank to knock out 50 35# thrusters when I got done?

And THEN allow me to be consistent with the 30 assisted pull ups I still had on the table after the thrusters.

This was my first time meeting "Jackie", I think, so I didn't have a lot to go off of. I only knew "the foot" and that I'd just done my first set of 200m runs on Saturday that didn't bother me at all, so....

I ran the 800.

The fun thing is that it didn't totally suck. I actually made it to about the 600m point before I paused and walked a few steps before finishing it out.  It was so much easier to do than a 400.  I just think 400s are the WORST!

Those thrusters?  I did them in sets of 10 for the most part.  the last 2 sets, those were broke down into 5s.  I didn't feel like dying. THAT is a miracle! Thrusters are the worst lung burner ever. Imagine squishing your diaphragm and trying to breathe.  It just sucks. But at 35#s, manageable.

The pull-ups, though... I even used the bar w/ the grip on it, used the green w/ the black bands, and I still lost SO much time.  My height was consistent, (I think), but I kept feeling dizzy, and out of sync, so I had to keep resetting.

I finished in 14:06. It's a time that needs improvement, but it's a time that I'm okay with.  I've learned to allow myself a few moments of leniency. to adapt to the things I can, and not let the others weigh down my progress.  Every day I'm there, I'm getting stronger.

I've also been good and feel GREAT with getting my food back on track.  It seems like it's been months since I can confidently say that, and I'm sure it has been... I hate getting lazy, being lazy, and staying lazy... but I'm SO good at it...


I start my next 24 day challenge on Monday, Feb. 2nd. I can't wait! I'm ready to get rid of the toxins, up my energy, sleep better, feel better, and lose a few lbs & inches along the way. I'll be sure to share results as I go along. 

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