Friday, January 30, 2015

Feels like Friday... but...

It's only Thursday.

I think this week has been on of the toughest, as far as WODs are concerned.  SO many shoulders!!! And SO much running!!! It all feels extra heavy, but I feel like I'm finally getting my work out back...

Maybe it was stepping on the scale (I know, I know...blah).
Maybe it's getting those baby runs in on Saturday.
Maybe it was the longer 800m run on Monday.
Maybe it's having my food in order.
Maybe it's a little bit of all of that combined.

I dunno. I feel like my schedule is falling back in place and that's a really good feeling. What didn't feel so great is knowing what I weighed a month ago, getting on the scale this week and seeing that it'd gone up another lb and a few oz. My clothes aren't feeling very comfortable right now.  the back and arms thing, I know that's muscle related, but the pants being too tight, the jeans that feel like I'm encased like a sausage, the shirts that ride up, the saddle bags that seemingly have come back overnight, my self image and confidence have taken a hit and it's all my fault.

Today I wore leggings and a super slouchy loose knit sweater thing.  I lucked out that it's long and covers my bum.  I couldn't handle another day of wondering if I'd be able to wiggle out of my clothes.

I'm actually feeling pretty confident about the WOD tonight... it includes Weighted sit-ups, which is one of my faves... and let's be honest, I could really use the fluff help. One of these days, when I'm not hitting my gut with the barbell when I'm doing cleans, I'll think it's funny.

Right now, it's just depressing

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