Friday, January 2, 2015

Quality: Focus 2015

I always seem to find myself focusing on something, a theme or vision, every time the new year comes around.  Maybe because my birthday happens at the same time.  Maybe because I visit with family and exchange cards and gifts with people I don't see nearly enough.  Maybe because I have some kind of hope that things can get better, and maybe some day I won't have to feel so defensive all the time, and might actually let my walls down.

Maybe I just want more.

I think it's healthy to want more.  Not necessarily stuff, but goals, dreams, wishes, hope... It's all pretty open ended.

Last year I kept coming back to "authentic"... real people, real food, real relationships... authentic, not fake. I think I did pretty good.

A few years ago, the Prayer of Jabez was a big deal. I was focused on expanding my territory, impacting others positively, broadening my sphere of influence.

This year, it's Quality.

Quality Time
Quality People
Quality Relationships
Quality Conversations
Quality Things
Quality Food.

Quality workout efforts. - No half-assed "just to get it done" 
Quality purchases.
Quality products.


My standards are high.

I've asked my facebook and twitter connections for feedback on what they think of when they see the word "Quality".  It can be a thing, a feeling, a perception, whatever they want it to be.  If you read this and we aren't connected "IRL", comment here. 

Be empowered, 
Hold your standards high, 
Be satisfied.

Have quality.

Happy 2015 to you! I can't wait to see what's ahead for each one of us.


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Amanda Schuh said...

I love this! What a great theme for the new year! It's applicable to so many areas of life. I'm starting to lean towards quality too as I get older. I'm so happy to know you - you are definitely a check mark in my quality friendships category.