Thursday, January 8, 2015

More Samantha, Less Charlotte

It struck me today, during a text convo w/ a girlfriend, wondering if the new designer brand purse she bought was too big, that we (women) seem to shy away from going "BIG", as in "bold", and when is that appropriate, or okay to do, like maybe we're afraid to offend or come off as showboats or braggarts.

I think I'm pretty balanced when it comes to doing that... being bold.  It's something that I've had to learn, because it doesn't necessarily come easy to me; to do something to draw attention to myself, and I often find myself apologizing for it when it's really not necessary to do so.

Luckily, I've been ridiculously blessed with new friends in the past couple of years who have taught me that there's grace in being bold, and that it really is okay. Friends that aren't afraid to take ridiculous & fun pictures, splurge on a whimsical purchase, go on a random trip because we can, wear bright red lipstick, and obnoxious amounts of animal print, be the fun group, not the quiet group... you know the kind of girls I'm talking about.  The "Sex in The City" group you see walking down the street... Some days I really do feel more like the "Charlotte", wishing I could let it go and be more "Samantha", even a "Carrie" is good, too and it's doable with the right friends walking with me.

Maybe this is just all in my head, trying to balance being polite and being excited and proud to wear a new dress, drive a new car, show off my latest Kendra Scott piece(s), share my latest accomplishment in the gym, etc...

Maybe it's because I'm staring at 40 in the face and I'm a little sad about all the things I've not done, and don't really see happening that I somehow expected by this point, letting go of those expectations, and having a quiet exit, stage right...

But the times I remember to do this, to be bold, and maybe a little obnoxious when I let my guard down, I have fun.

It's okay to be proud.
It's okay to be loud.
It's okay to be bold.
It's FUN to be fancy.

You can do all of this and be graceful.

Just balance it out and find the girlfriends who show you how.

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