Tuesday, December 1, 2015


People often ask me what it is about my Box that keeps me going back.  They say they want to try Crossfit and that there's a gym right by their house / work / grocery store, etc.  And that they are "inspired" by my dedication and I make it look fun, so they want to give it a go.

Now of course I think my box is the best.  BUT it's the only one I've ever been to.  I'm beyond thankful for that.   I liken it to buying the first wedding dress a bride tries on.  It fits so perfect you don't need or want to see anything else.

I've praised my coaches before, and that still stands.  They allow me to be the athlete I am, at my level, and give encouragement and instruction on how to be better. I've had victories and I've had set backs, and I've never quit.  I've thought about it, but that's on me.  The coaches keep me coming back and making me want more.

One of the biggest components to finding the right Box for you is the community. It's as vital as anything, maybe even more so.  Finding those people that lift you up, become your friends away from the Box,  You find the encouragers, the support team on a bad day, the motivators, the equals, the muscle, the competitors... They all contribute to the successes you have. Use them to get where you're going and even the mental places you didn't know you could go.

That being said, there are the detractors, too.  Those who don't encourage, but take away a bit of your momentum and you don't understand any of it.

But you don't quit.  There's still community that will make you thrive.  A community that will encourage and support you.  Friendships that you will make and pour in to outside of the Box.  You go to the classes that those people go to and you stay away from the ones they don't.

Give to the community and the community will give back to you.

It's one of the most important elements in finding a gym that fits.

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