Tuesday, August 30, 2016



Have you ever had a man comment on your size, figure, body, appearance?  It's such a strange moment.  It's even more strange when that comment / compliment is "thick".  Example:
Let me tell you what men like. Men like a thick woman. You're thick". Me = spits out drink, not really but I could have if I had taken one. "Oh, that's nice. Well I never knew that. I'm glad you let me know".


Seriously, when did that ever become a thing and even a thing that women want to hear or is even remotely acceptable to say to anyone? "Honey, you're thick". That's awful. There's not one thing about that that would even make me consider hearing it as a nice thing. 

I'm wearing the same jeans I wore yesterday and the day before, they're new, and they fit really well. I have an ass, I do my squats on the reg, and I squat heavy on occasion, too. I have thick thighs that I'm busting my "squat" ass to tone up, and get them smaller. I don't want them thick. I want them toned. I want them to be muscular. I want them to look like I can run and I can kick your ass.  I probably wouldn't do either, but some asshole telling me I'm thick won't know that. 

At first I was a little hurt. I was offended (still am). But I have thought about this for a couple of days now, and I've learned a few things:

1. I hate being called thick. 
2. I'd most likely be uncomfortable with a stranger coming up and making any kind of unsolicited comment about my figure, ass, chest, outfit, appearance, etc. 
3. I'd be more in to anyone who takes a notice to me coming to talk to me and engaging my mind, having a conversation about interesting topics.  Using the mind is way more sexy than all the physical bullshit. 
4. Apparently "Thick" is a compliment is some areas of the US, mostly culturally driven. I still don't understand how.  That's like telling me right is left and left is right, and no no no, that's not true at all! Is this some kind of Seussical trickery?  Mind Fuckery? That HAS to be it. 

Y'all, now I'm just mad about the whole dang thing. How dare this guy? and I'm mad that I let this get to me at all. 

The only thing I want thick is my steak. 

And maybe my skin.  Because let's face it, those with thin skin get hurt easier and let shit get to them.  Hey, Hi, Hello.  

good grief. 

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