Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bench Press Sounds So "Hardcore"

Friday the 13th wasn't scary at all.

Actually, it was awesome.

Hit up the box for my 5:30 WOD, ended up just me and one other guy w/ our Coach, Austin.  They guy is a 5x / week-er, me, just 3 (4 on my best weeks).  I didn't expect much out of myself, as we were doing bench presses. I'd never done them before, so just getting the feel for it, testing out what felt good, setting the metric. That was my focus.

We rowed 500m on the rowers, maxed out the bench presses, row, press, etc. for a full 20 mins.  The rower and I have become fast friends, so my form is in check (as long as my tailbone isn't objecting to the way I'm sitting).  I can pretty much get on there blindfolded and hold my pace.  (Increasing that is on my list of  "things to improve on").

Austin helps me set up my weights, go over form, and I decided that 45 lbs was where I would be.  I don't know if that's good, bad, or whatever, but it's where I am (but I'll prob. increase by at least 5 on the next round).

No need to explain more. Here are my results:

Rows: 5K+ (Think I went 5 or 6 rounds?)
Total # of bench presses: 72!

Apparently I had the highest number of presses out of the ladies that day, so that was cool.

But maybe my weight wasn't heavy enough?  Regardless, still excited to see the numbers.

Post WOD we did some core work.  Planks & sit ups. I LOOOOOOVE planks. I have no idea why, but something I feel fairly confident in (Still working on the 3 min time... it's coming soon!).

Guy: "how long can you plank?"
Me: 2 - 2.5 mins
Guy: Let's do 2 mins, sit ups, 1min sit ups
Me: Sure, no prob.

This was the funniest part of the day. We get ready to go up, Warren G - Regulators comes on and I am zoned. I hip-hopped my way thru 2 mins w/ what felt like no effort at all. He was shaking, really working for it (and he got there, easier than he was giving himself credit for - and he Rx'd the WOD, so I know his arms were maxed out).

All of this to say that on this Friday, I completely redeemed the workout effort prior to this one and it felt GOOD!

I'll take the bad days, b/c I know they're going to happen. I'll try to not show my ass and act like a spoiled brat who didn't get picked first, I'll try to be more graceful and accept the not-so great days.

Because days like this one feel pretty fantastic.

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