Friday, December 27, 2013

Post Christmas Hero WOD: Ryan

Christmas was laid back and fun.  Spent a couple of days in the Houston area with family and lots of great food!  I wasn't holding back on the eating, not over doing it, but keeping it in check and still enjoying every bite.  (And there is no steak better than the ones I enjoy each year at The Taste of Texas on Christmas Eve!)

The day after Christmas was perfect! My cousin, Matthew, is in the Marines.  We were so lucky to have him home this year, as next year will most likely be different, with him celebrating from another time zone.  He came over and we had cocktails, with a few rounds of "Just Dance" (he's a badass with that thing, and I kept getting the WORST songs! - "Umbrella-Ella-Ella", anyone??? Laughable at best!) and spent the night on Christmas.  We all got up the next AM and were lazy, watched Netflix all morning in to the afternoon before I had to leave and make it back in time to hit up the 6:30 class.  The idea of staying in my pajamas was REALLY tempting, though.  Especially after seeing the WOD posted. 2 words: Double Unders. 1 word: Burpees.

Neither of which excites me in any way. shape. form.

But I did it. I had told Austin that I'd be in on Thursday, so I needed to stick to it.

We did a "Hero" WOD named "Ryan".  I knew these were named after military and public servants who were crossfitters, but wasn't aware they'd all lost their lives while serving. Hero seems like such a small word for such a huge and selfless role.

I looked up Ryan's story this morning, and was simply shocked at the callous acts that lead to Ryan's death.  Prayers continue for his family and his community.

WOD Review:
Warmup - Double Unders -
These are a nemesis. Meaning that I don't love them b/c I had never achieved  one b/c I can trip just fine on a single.  I'm a professional at that one!

And then I did it. Consecutive, no, but throw a few singles in there, then bam... Need to work on the wrist speed and not have to jump so high that I lose my balance and come down a little softer, to keep it going.

For the timed portion of the WOD, it was 5 rounds of the following:

15 Pull Ups - Assisted w/ the blue band, (I usually have the black band to assist more here, but decided to forego this round, and it was hard.   I definitely need more work and incorporate my core more to get the pull ups higher)

15 Muscle Ups - Did these on the rings with the green band assist.  First time to do them and it wasn't pretty at all. After the first 15, I knew I'd be good if I could finish this WOD in 30 mins, but my time push was out the window at this point. My triceps haven't been worked in who knows how long. My upper body / arm strength is pretty weak, so I know this is another area I need to just gain muscle and strength on.

21 Burpees. I don't think I need to say much here, other than anyone who knows what this is has already had some sort of "ewwww" reaction.  So yeah, pretty much.

Finished this in just over 28 minutes.  The longest time of the day out of those that attended. I really don't have any yay or nay over this. I got it done, and that's what matters when I was so tempted to not do it at all.   I also know I didn't fuel myself well before hand, and going in to this hungry, well it was either that or eating too close to workout time and risk a good first "puke". I don't handle that well, so option #1 was my choice.

Lessons learned, as I do with each WOD. So I'll go back today and probably learn something else, too.

Christmas = success. I'm still on track.

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