Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014... Rules, Regs, Resolutions, and Whatnots

I'm really going to try not to "plan" so much this year and put efforts in to not taking things personally, have expectations, feeling let down and just try to take things as they come, handling it all with as much grace as I possess.

That being said, here's a few things I really want to give some attention to this year... No plans, no expectations, a little more concentration, and focus.

  • Crossfit -Keep up my Crossfit training - get stronger, achieve and overcome the frustrations, celebrate the milestones more and more often.
  • Advocare - Work smart - Really focus on growing and achieving the Silver Level - help my team grow their businesses, really be intentional with the networking and follow through.
  • Purge - Purge the clutter - have less, more quality, less quantity; Keep my apartment in better order.
  • Authentic - Continue practicing "Authenticity" - be authentic, attract authentic, eat authentic. 
  • Paleo - Really try to go as Paleo as possible with my food intake. Less junk, less sugar.
  • Food - Try a new-to-me restaurant in Austin each month.  We have SO much great clean food here, and I get stuck on the same ones all the time! And cook more! 
  • Money - Save a little more, make up the savings I spent (Hopefully tax return will help with this a bit).
  • Friends & Family - Spend more time with the ones I don't get to see often enough. 
  • Sports - See a Rangers game at THE Ballpark at Arlington; See the Baylor Bears play at Maclane Stadium.
  • Music - it's gonna be hard to top the shows I saw in 2013 (Mumford, DMB, Bruno, NKOTB / BoyzIIMen, Blue October...) But I have Imagine Dragons coming up in March. That's a good start. 
I could probably write a post on each of these, but here's the collective list.  

It's a good start. 

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