Friday, January 17, 2014

First week Post Plague and Paleo - DONE!

You guys all know how nervous I was about going back after being on my death bed, right? Well okay, I completely exaggerate.

Please tell me you're not shocked.

Anyway. Monday I had to do my baseline for my Paleo challenge.  Now my times have been decent, nowhere near the top, but among the same level group, I have been middle to last, but overall pleased with where I've been, time and effort wise.  I had NO idea what to expect, what I would do, or how I would feel doing it.

The baseline was 500m row, 50 wall balls (10 lb), 40 push ups, 30 sit ups, 20 pull ups (blue band assist), and 10 burpee boxjumps (4 45s stacked). My time was 17:14.

I was dizzy when it was over and I was pretty upset at my performance. I was exhausted. I was wiped out and I'm thankful I didn't pass out, but I knew I had been set back. Just disappointing to know that something I had no control over, took control of me and affected me and my effort. Still frustrating, but I'm just trying to overcome it and get my head on straight.

Good news: My time should really improve when the Paleo challenge is over.

Speaking of the Paleo challenge.
1. Cooking. There is more prep required than my "food for one" menu has required previously. Luckily I did enough for my breakfasts on Sunday. Lunches were taken care of, too, because of what I did on Sunday. Dinners have been more of my go-to w/ salmon and veggies sauteed in coconut oil spray.  Taste is overall pretty bland. I definitely need to look at more ways to spice things up. And why have I not used garlic yet?  (What the heck am I waiting for?)
2. And for as little dairy as I was having before, I miss coffee with creamer. I can't do coffee without it. Giving up cheese hasn't been completely terrible. But I miss that a little, because I can love that SOOOO much.
3. I definitely over-bought on my groceries. Glad I can freeze the meat and I'm trying to make sure I use the bulk of my veggies thru the weekend.
4. Going out of town this weekend is making me nervous as all get out. I am trying to plan to stay on track, but I know I'm going to be faced with challenges and will most likely not eat for an extended period of time for fear of eating the wrong thing.
5. Coming home late on Sunday and still not having anything prepped for the week makes me nervous, but I will prob. do smoothies next week for breakfast, and hoping my meal partner will have something for me to pick up on my way in Sunday night. That will take care of getting me started and I can do dinner on Monday, shop on Tuesday...
6. Going to my parents house next Friday. They aren't Paleo, don't know what it is, really, but I'm thinking I'm going to ask mom to cook a recipe for me, so I can have a good dinner both nights.  Guess I should just send her a grocery list.

Week 1 was a success, the first five days, anyway... So I'm gonna keep giving it a go.  I don't want to fail. I don't think it's a long term solution for me, but for 30 days I'm in... At least I'll lose a few more lbs before I got to Chicago.  Then it's all about the Deep Dish!

WOD #2 on Wednesday was okay, I guess... I'd done Turkish Get Ups once before and struggled a bit, so I wasn't exactly excited to do them this time.  BUT I can tell I'm improving there. I knocked out 10 of them and was quicker to get to form and stay there. Left side is still definitely weaker than my right.  My frist time to Bear Crawl and it's not my favorite either.  (Ass in the air, anyone?? HA!) I had to make sure I didn't go faster than my hands and feet could keep up with.  Pull Up jumps to get my chin over the bar were challenging, but I can tell the strength is building on the bars, too. My time wasn't stellar again, but it is what it is. I just have to keep getting it done. Still marking off firsts, so that's not a bad thing.

WOD #3 - SO. Much. Running.  I'll admit that I was not excited about the WOD when I saw it posted. I definitely had a "would I rather get up and go Friday AM at 5:30??" that answer was "no", so I had to give it a go... and you know what?   I did okay.  We warmed up with a 200 that felt okay. The WOD consisted of a 400m run, 15 DB cleans (15 lbs), 10 knees to chest (red band) pull ups - all that x 3... It was exhausting, I was last to finish and it took me nearly 18 minutes to complete.  BUT I ran every meter of those 400s. every step. I didn't walk one bit of it. and THAT says a lot.

So some good, some bad, but at least I know where I am now. Just sucks knowing that I'm not where I was before I got sick.

I have some time to make up.


Running Meg said...

If you're worried about your veggies going bad you can always cook them and then freeze them. They won't be the best texture wise but you won't be wasting them. And you can always add them to soup or a sauce.

Nice work getting back to Crossfit. You'll be back to the normal you on no time. And then you can kick butt!

Christy Meaux said...

Ohhh, good call on the veggies! And thank you for always being so encouraging! Your comments and support always make me smile. So thank you for that :)