Monday, January 13, 2014

Forty Pounds

I know I've written out my weight story before, but here's a short recap.

I never owned a scale. I had no idea what I weighed or when it was or what it was for me to reach my heaviest.  I was lazy. I was unfocused. I was miserable.  That's all I know.

My heaviest was 216.


Wearing a size 16. I think I even bought an 18 or two.

It makes me SO sad to think about me being okay with that. EVER.

Sister and I started motivating one another to lose it, and I got down to 202, or 200, but don't remember dipping below the 200 before I settled in to 208. Gawd I was so dumb. And still miserable. And lost my job. So all my schedule, efforts, everything just thrown off completely.

2011 I had a friend want ask for help (why me, I have no idea...) on how to grocery shop, count calories, etc. So we went to HEB and I found myself doing it with her, using Sparkpeople, and still not exercising b/c I really do love sitting on my couch.  But by some miracle, I did it. I hit the 190s. And I got stuck there.

2012 I started the year off signing up for a 5:30 AM bootcamp. I had to keep the efforts going, still had a ways to go.  With bootcamp, I jumped in to doing Advocare.  I wanted to give it 6 months to work, and to be focused on it. Bootcamp was painful, and I definitely wasn't a morning person.  We had a sub that I just flat out didn't like. Her instruction, communication, assistance with form, knees, anything, was horrible. So I quit. I found a different bootcamp, but my knees just weren't happy. No running, still early mornings, and I lost my drive again.  Tried some P90X, exhausted by the every day schedule, so I didn't do that either.  But I got down to 178.

I also started dating someone, and I focused my energy on my first relationship in 12 years. Traveled. Ate a LOT of ridiculous and amazing food, drank drank drank. Football. Drank. It ended, I had gained 20 lbs back over the course of it all.

Reality was June of 2013 when I got on the scale.  I was at 199.8.  That was sad. And scary. And SO SO SO stupid.  Shame on me.

I did an Advocare 24 Day Challenge and lost 12 lbs. I was super strict and focused. I needed to get outside of my head and find something to stare at other than my TV, but I didn't have the self-motivation to do the fitness part of it. I just couldn't find the focus. Or the space.

That's when I got invited to check out Crossfit. Scared as I ever could have imagined, but then I got in and I knew it was exactly what I had been missing.  I also did another 24 Day Challenge before Thanksgiving, too. This helped SO much with getting in to the holidays with a little less "fluff", and more confidence.

I got down to 180, but couldn't get past that until just last week, thanks to the Flu. Stupid plague, but it def. got me back to where I was before.  I hit the 178 mark.

This morning, I woke up to 176, and that was a big surprise.  I haven't worked out in a week, and definitely had my fair share of good food, but in moderation.

So that's where I am today.  176.

40 lbs. down from where I started from, even if it did take over 5 years to do it.  I suspect the next 40 won't take so long... maybe even by year's end, if I am diligent and determined enough to see it through.

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