Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Friendly Comp

I did it.

I competed, completed 3 WODs, got judged, and honestly didn't have time to think through the whole thing, which lasted around 2 hrs.

The irony of doing this thing was that I didn't consciously make a real decision to participate. It just sort of happened.  Had I thought about it at all, I would have said no. I don't like competition. I like being a spectator of competitions, but it's a very uneasy and nervous feeling for me.

Irony = A second place finish in the Women's Scaled Division with a partner who wasn't in it to compete, either, and is very new (like a month) in to Crossfit.  She was stellar! Such a rockstar! It was fun to do that with a partner.  I think she's a Crossfit natural.

So that's done, in the books, and I'm good with the accomplishment.

Things I learned:

* I can Push Press 115#s over my head.  Last I had logged, I was at 90#s. That's a 25# improvement.
* WODs that finish in just under 5 minutes are great!
* I still can't do lunges (boo!)
* 1-legged push ups are a whole new kind of push-up (take that, stupid toe!)
* Burpees still suck.  That's old news. Definitely not learned yesterday.
* I make the most ridiculous faces when I work out and they aren't even cute.  I need to wear a mask.
* I don't squat down as far as I thought I did, so I still need to work a bit more on that consistent depth thing.
* I will never have a "cute" workout pic. I don't even think those exist.
* Second place feels the same as any other place on the podium. I still laugh thinking that I actually ended up there.

Will I do it again?  Prob. not.

At least not in a public arena. Being judged in any capacity, regardless of ability or confidence, is one of the most crippling feelings ever.

It was friendly.  It was not un-fun, And I did it.

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