Tuesday, August 2, 2016

No Worries.

I say that often. "No worries."

Someone can't make an event? No worries.
Someone didn't text back right away? No worries.
Someone stepped on my toes?  No worries. (as long as they acknowledge it ;) )

Facing not having a job?

Truth be told, I'm not so much "worried".  Will there be time of uncertainty?  Yes. Will money be tight? Yes.  Will I have to cut out a few luxuries I've come to enjoy?  Most likely.

There are a few worries, of course.
Will I be able to afford to stay in my apartment?  I don't know. Depends on how long this lag is.
Will I be able to stick with my ETP Group Coaching?
Will I be able to afford to keep my membership with Crossfit?

These are all things paramount to me being successful and happy.  I don't tie my happiness to them, but these all play a part in me being okay.  I know I have a tendency to crawl in to a hole when things take a down turn. I know days get darker. I know this happens when the seasons change, too.  I am making it a point to head any of these things off before I have a second of self doubt and a chance for depression to rear its ugly head.

I honestly don't feel that it will be long term, this employment pause.  There are things I have wanted to do for myself and this will afford me the opportunity to do so.  I will be able to take the time I need to organize and deep clean my apartment.  I will have a flexible schedule.  I have friends that I will be able to go help with things they need help with.

I can babysit, do odd jobs, paint, craft, clean, pack, move, dog sit, dog walk,   That's all for money and other people.

For me, I can clean, organize, get to work on making card sets to sell, finish my ETP Coaching Certification course, start marketing for clients, tie that in with my Advocare business, and find fulfillment in helping others find a way to be comfortable and confident in their own skin and existence. Where that is through diet, exercise, both, tracking, macros, supplements, etc. I want to help.  I feel like there's a whole group of people who have some how bought in to the myth of undereating equals being fit and thin, which is one of the biggest lies I ever believed.  I don't want anyone else to ever suffer in that mindset and set themselves up for a continuous cycle of negative self talk and sabotage. Lord knows we have a whole society that does that, we surely don't need to help nor contribute to that.

I truly believe all of this will work out the way it is supposed to. To health, happiness, and no worries.


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